Full service for your vehicle for just £389!

To book call us on 0740 78 37 497 or visit us at 10 Miln Street, Dundee, DD1 5BZ

Getting your car fully serviced is something you should do at least once a year or every 10-15k miles, but it doesn’t mean you should slam the piggy bank to do it any more! Our comprehensive service includes everything to make sure you can drive safely and that the wear and tear of your engine and brakes is brought to a minimum:

• Pick up/Drop off service

• Oil replacement

• New oil filter

• New air filter

• New cabin filter

• Brakes check

• Wheels check – including pressure adjustment and condition check

• Reset vehicle service light

• Top up brake fluid

• Top up antifreeze

• Top up washer fluid

• Check brake system – including pads and callipers and visual check of cylinders and hydraulic system for leaks or corrosion

• Check wheel bearings for excessive play or roughness

• Check up for general oil leaks

• Stamping of service book


Terms and conditions apply – the above offer is subject to confirmation depending on the specific car make and model. Surcharge may apply on some vehicles. The above checks are performed only where applicable. For more information and a quote please get in touch with us.

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